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Epothilone A: The Nature, Synthesis, Characterization, …

Used in the specified way of starting compound of formula 1 (where R2means unsubstituted or substituted aryl, unsubstituted or substituted heteroaryl or unsubstituted or substituted heterocyclic radical, condensed with the benzene ring cycle, aryl) are used as key intermediates for obtaining derivatives epothilone formula 9, and the compounds of formula 1 are novel compounds and can be obtained by the following sequence of reactions involving the stages a)to f), as described below.

W) Obtained protected derivative epothilone formula 8 is treated with HF•pyridine in pyridine in an inert solvent, and after removal of the two silyl protective groups (TPS, TES, TBDMS) receive derivative epothilone formula 9, where R1means methyl, a R2has the values listed above, and the compounds of formula 9, where R1and R2have the meanings indicated above in the formula 9, it is not necessarily transform in metal salts of a hundred the standard methods.

- Alcalina condensation ensures high reproducibility of the synthesis of derivatives of epothilone.

Synthesis of epothilones - University of Kansas

EFFECT: high reproducibility of synthesis of highly-purified epothilone derivatives.

Suitable acids for cleavage of the bis-trimethylsilyloxy in the compound of formula 4 by hydrolysis are weak organic acids, which do not disclose the epoxide cycle in the structure epothilone, and these acids include dilute acetic acid, propionic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid, adipic acid, timelineview acid, subernova acid, azelaic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, maleic acid, almond acid, amino acids such as glutamic acid or aspartic acid, first of all, citric acid, etc. First of all it should be noted HF•pyridine in THF or HF•pyridine in pyridine.

Group f mean HE is a protective group commonly used in organic chemistry designed to protect the functional hydroxyl groups against undesirable side reactions. Simple silyl ethers are, for example, the standard protective groups commonly used in organic synthesis, and preferably silyl protective group is a (ness.)alkylsilane, more preferably a silyl protective is the Rupp choose from a number of TMS (trimethylsilyl), TES (triethylsilyl), TPS (tri-n-propulsion), TBDS (tert-butyldimethylsilyl), DEIPS (diethylenediamine), IPDMS (dimethylazobenzene), TDS (taxidermically), TIPS (triisopropylsilyl), TPR (tetrahydropyranyl) or the like, preferably of a number of TES TPS or TBDMS, most preferably a protective group means TPS. If the compound contains more than one protective group, the protective group is chosen independently from each other, and they are the same or different or they can be used in any combination, preferred protective groups are identical, most preferably a protective group means TPS.

Synthesis of epothilones molecule fragment (15R)-C13 …

Chiral auxiliary group, which are used when the behavior of aldol condensation in stage a)indicate, for example, Sultanova support group or oxazolidinone group, for example,

Organic bases mentioned in any of the stages a)to f)include, without limitation, organic amines, such as unsubstituted or replacement of mono-, di - or trialkylamine, especially mono-, di -, or three(ness.)the bonds alkylamines, for example methylamine, dimethylamine, di-n-Propylamine, triethylamine, tri-n-Propylamine, tri-n-butylamine and diisopropylethylamine (iPr2Net), nitrogen-containing heterocycles, ethylenimine, pyrrolidine, piperidine and morpholine, primarily 4-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP), pyridine, 2,6-lutidine, 2,6-di-tert-butylpyridinium etc.

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Total synthesis of Epothilone B, D (Part 1): - …

Synthetic scheme for total synthesis of Epothilone B, D (Part 1)

Turning epothilone In the corresponding lactam is shown in scheme 21 and described in example 3 in WO 99/02514 (p.31-32 and p.48-50, respectively). The transformation of compounds of formula 9, which differs from epothilone In the corresponding lactam carried out in the same way.

PRIME PubMed | Total synthesis of epothilones B and

g) the compound obtained of the formula 8 is treated with HF•pyridine in an inert solvent at a temperature from 0°C to 30°C and otscheplaut silyl protective groups, with a gain derived epothilone formula 9

Enzymatic synthesis of epothilone A glycosides | …

a) the compounds of formula 1 is introduced into reaction with the compound of the formula 2, for example, in the presence of TiCl4and grounds Hunya (iPR2NET) in dichloromethane at -78°C and then at a temperature of 0°C with the formation of new compounds of formula 3.

Synthesis and Evaluation of A Water-Soluble Epothilone …

d) tizamidine Tris-silyl ethers of the above formula 6 hydrolyzing in the presence of desilicious reagent or acid in an inert solvent or mixtures thereof, for example, TASF or HP•pyridine in THF, while selectively receive disilylgermane compound of formula 7

early stage and keep it through the remainder of the synthesis

b) the compound Obtained of the formula 3 is introduced into reaction with the compound, forming a group of simple silyl ether, for example, TPSCl, TBDMSOTf, in the presence of 2,6-lutidine at a temperature from -20°C to 25°C, first at a temperature of -10°C in dichloromethane as the inert solvent, with the formation of compounds of formula 4.

Total Synthesis Highlights - Organic Chemistry Portal

A flexible and convergent total synthesis of epothilone A (1 A) and two formal total syntheses of epothilone B (1 B) for an easy and facile access to epothilones are reported.">

Indications Cefradine has similar spectrum of activity to cefalexin

d) the compounds of formula 6 hydrolyzing when processing desilicious reagent, primarily TASF or organic acid, above all HP•pyridine in an inert solvent, for example pyridine or THF, at the same time, receive the compounds of formula 7.

Toronto Research Chemicals - TRC Canada

A flexible and convergent total synthesis of epothilone A (1 A) and two formal total syntheses of epothilone B (1 B) for an easy and facile access to epothilones are reported.

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