Choosing the best toilet shower is a question that many people ask themselves. But through this comparison, we will try to see which bidette is the most suitable for you. We present to you 5 best products available in the market. These products have been selected with the greatest attention according to the following criteria: dimensions, ease of use, comfort, price, material, etc.

The hand shower for toilets is a useful piece of equipment for cleaning your private parts after relieving yourself. More practical and more hygienic than toilet paper , it has become one of the best sellers in recent years. Apart from its intended function, the bidet sprayer allows you to perform multiple cleaning tasks for a clean environment conducive to relaxation. However, finding the best toilet shower is not an easy thing given the great diversity present in the trade. Here’s a buying guide to help you get there without a hitch.


The 5 Best Toilet Sprayers: Comparison and Reviews 2022

Purrfectzone Handheld Sprayer Kit-Best bidet sprayer for toilet

If you are wondering which toilet shower to choose, know that this model from Worsy is recommendable. It is one of the most popular with French consumers. Easy to use and suitable for many uses, it is more comfortable than toilet paper. In addition to allowing you to clean your private parts after your needs, you can use it to clean the toilet and other places in the bathroom.

With the Worsy toilet hand shower, you will be satisfied day after day. It has a water tank hook and a 59 inch flexible hose. This hose is made of premium ABS, durable and easy to use brass nut. This bidet contributes to intimate hygiene, offers a soothing, cleansing and hygienic wash at the press of a button, which saves water.

What we liked:

During our test on the Worsy bidet sprayer, we particularly liked the fact that it is of excellent quality. His kit consists of high quality products. In designing this product, the manufacturer has put the small dishes in the big ones. The ease of use is indisputable. Just press a button and the water flows with the correct power. Stopping the button marks the stop of the water flow, which is a great option for saving. We also note that the pipe is retractable, which, without common measure, allows the room to be ventilated. Retracted, the hose is 11.8 inches and stretched out, it is 86.6 inches, or a length of 1.5 meters. The retractability of the ABS pipe makes the space beautiful and aesthetic, a perfect model for modern toilets.

What could be better:

This product is our favorite choice and it’s not for nothing. It also receives generous reviews from users. Yes, just like them, we did not find any inconvenience to it. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the manufacturer has also taken care to offer a product that is easy to assemble. Installation will only take 10 minutes. You don’t even have to renovate your entire bathroom to achieve this, which ensures an economic advantage.

Aifusi Bidet Sprayer For Toilet

It is in the areas of our intimacy that well-being begins, which takes on its full meaning in our toilets. For a toilet to provide the maximum feeling of comfort, there is nothing like a Loschen brand bidet sprayer. This toilet hand shower is produced with high quality, durable and above all environmentally friendly material. So, if you’re green, don’t hesitate to choose it, since its design is lead-free.

A bidette Loschen is a practical and innovative solution that combines comfort and technology, while ensuring to be ecological. In its compact look, thanks to its 304 stainless steel body, this model comes with a slim knob and a self-closing faucet. The surface is brushed with a gold process, providing a simple yet elegant appearance. This kit can be perfect for personal hygiene, pet showers, Muslim showers as well as washing baby clothes. It is a practical tool for mothers wishing to take care of their little one.

What we liked:

The main strength of this toilet hand shower is that it is environmentally friendly. Lead-free, this bidet has been designed with strict respect for the planet. It promises safe use, since it does not contain any chemicals. Besides, this model at Loschen adopts high hardness ceramic valve to ensure better smooth and durable operation of the handle. Smooth operation and labor saving ensure the faucet drips without leaking. This kit includes a 1.5m stainless steel hose. Retractable, it does not clutter your bathroom. It is also noted that the air chamber is anti-tangle.

What could be better:

If we take into consideration all the performances contained in this bidette signed Loschen, we are ready to believe that we are on a nugget free of defects. It is not so. Even though the product is quite elegant and above all environmentally friendly, the product has only one spout and cannot be used for hot and cold water at the same time.

Purgwei Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer

The manufacturer of this CENCIA WC hand shower has made sure to offer a product of undeniable quality. Well made, this bidette is both solid and durable. Regardless of the years of use, you do not observe (or almost) no leaks on the product. Its brushed nickel finish gives it a modern look worthy of contemporary bathrooms.

Ciencia is a key brand in the production of plumbing accessories such as the hand basin or the kitchen sink. For this Cencia hand shower, the manufacturer has highlighted the durable and efficient side of the product. With a weight of 150g with a water pressure of 0.6-0.9 MPA, the equipment has a stainless steel body, which gives it a certain longevity and robustness.

What we liked:

Choosing this product means having the guarantee of a simple, gentle and effective rinse. It provides plenty of water for the perfect cleanse after you’ve done your business. In addition, it is important to note that this product has a one-year warranty. It is not wrong that some people say that it is a real revolution in terms of toilet spray. The Cencia bidet sprayer boasts a well thought out design. Its kit is made of stainless steel, which gives it perfect resistance to rust.

Moreover, with regard to the ease of installation, nothing to complain about. It only takes about ten minutes to mount the device. An installation guide is provided for your convenience. It is also important to specify that the kit is compatible with wall mounting. Besides its reasonable price, the convenience of use is unquestionable. You can use it as a bidet accessory, but also use it to clean fabrics, other toilet accessories, etc.

What could be better:

The only downside to this product is the incompatibility of the thread that many users have noticed during installation. The thread differs from North American plumbing in its 20mm diameter. This arrangement is likely to cause complications when using this Ciencia sprayer. For more precautions, make sure of the compatibility at the level of the fittings. If you have trouble doing this, call in a qualified and experienced plumber, who will come and make small adjustments.

SmarterFresh Luxury Handheld Bidet Sprayer For Toilet

Where can I find a new bidette? If you have such a question, do not hesitate to choose this article offered by Hansgrohe. Made of zamak and chrome-plated ABS, this bidet sprayer takes advantage of a certain resistance and durability. It is highly resistant to corrosion and scratches due to its beautiful chrome finishes. Even if you drop the showerhead or force it back in and out, you won’t see many scratch marks.

Hansgrohe is a brand that prides itself on being counted among the pioneers in the world of bathroom accessories. The brand created in 1901 continues to show inventiveness. It offers the most demanding consumers bidette models of all kinds. This hand shower for toilet allows you to do your intimate hygiene, but also many other things. It is also possible to use it to rinse clothes, the floor or the toilet. It is connected with a shower hose which is mounted on a stop valve.

What we liked:

One of the things we really liked about this product is its ergonomic shape. We are on a toilet sprayer with a somewhat particular appearance, however, it is a product that offers a certain convenience of handling. Another of the advantages that is not the least is durability. The product can last over time, since it has anti-limestone pins for easy maintenance. We wipe by hand, and presto, the residue disappears. The chrome finishes of this product are of quality to offer a modern look, while minimizing the risk of significant scratches, even in the event of regular drops.

What could be better:

The problem with this toilet hand shower is that the manufacturer offers an incomplete set. For the set, we would have liked to have a hose and a holder in the box.

Brondell CleanSpa Handheld Bidet Sprayer

If you want to take advantage of a simple, yet ultra-functional toilet hand shower, why not set your sights on this product. Indeed, many users find this bidet convenient to use due to its ergonomic handle. This toilet hand shower has a trigger at the back to activate the water jets. It is therefore perfectly indicated for cleaning the private parts after the saddle.

If this product is really appreciated, it is because its nozzles are treated against limestone. You can use it without any problem, with the standard hoses or pipes of the moment. Even if it is still known by only a few people, ABSOK remains a well-known brand in the field of bathroom products. Due to its chrome-plated stainless steel design, you won’t have to worry about corrosion, scratches or leaks.

What we liked:

It is clear that the ABSOK WC hand shower has many advantages. The advantage of this product is that it is quite easy to set up. It only takes 10 minutes to install this bidet shower kit, without asking for any help. In addition, it is a super easy product to use and clean. Know that this bidet spray will always be ready to make your life easy and to stay clean after you have a bowel movement. In addition, we particularly liked this product because it is multi-purpose. You can use it to clean the toilet flush, wash fruits, clean the floor, and even pets.

What could be better:

Users accuse this product of leaking dry. By consulting certain opinions, we have been able to see that the toilet hand shower offers finishes that leave something to be desired. The scratches are there after some time of use.

Purchase guide

As we said at the very beginning of this article, the toilet sprayer has a real advantage over toilet paper, since it is intended to be quite hygienic. The use of toilet paper, after having done your needs, will not protect you from possible residues. However, a bidet sprayer is essential to benefit from a correct cleaning of your vagina or anus. If the shower kit promises incomparable comfort in terms of hygiene, what are the criteria to take into account to make the ideal choice?

As you will have understood, choosing a toilet shower is not an easy adventure. This device arrived in France only a few years ago. More and more people realize that using toilet paper is not as hygienic as one might think. Reason why the bidet tends to disappear in our French homes. In addition to not cleaning well, toilet paper is bulky, and can increase household bills in the long run.

The arrival of the bidet sprayer kit is therefore now a real revolution. Manufacturers design and manufacture new models to the benefit of demanding users. However, how do you choose the best bidet? Here is a dedicated buying guide that explains from start to finish the unstoppable tips for making the best choice.


To choose a toilet shower, it is essential to take into account many criteria. These include, for example, pressure, spray, material and components.

The different types of shower heads for toilets

There are several toilet shower systems. We mainly note the hand shower such as the Ciencia bidette, the portable WC shower or integrated into the toilet.

The manual toilet shower

The hand shower has the same operating principle of a shower bulb. This product is fixed on the wall with a handle and connects to the toilet faucet. The majority of hand showers are equipped with a mixer. However, it is preferable to choose an anti-limescale hand shower, since our daily water is invaded by limestone. If you want to choose a hand shower of good quality, set your sights on this model signed Absok.

The portable toilet shower

As you can imagine, it is possible to take this type of hand shower with you everywhere. Widely used on Japanese soil, the portable hand shower can be transported outside its home. The objective of this product is to stay clean throughout the day. It is particularly useful when you have a pressing desire during your outdoor adventures. Whether camping, hiking, at a party or in the office, you can use it without a hitch. All you have to do is slip away to the toilet for the time of your needs. After you finish, you use it to thoroughly clean yourself.

The WC hand shower integrated into your toilet

The 5 Best Toilet Sprayers: Most Convenient Bidet Sprayers (Fall 2022)

Unlike a hand shower with a wall-mounted knob, this bidette is directly integrated into the toilet. It guarantees a more accomplished practicality. With an integrated toilet shower, the level of comfort is even more significant. It is installed between the toilet leaf and the ceramic toilet bowl. Its main advantage lies in the fact that its operation is done with the pressure of the natural water of the house, which allows you to benefit from a pressurized jet. The jet of water washes the anus and the vulva, while remaining on the cabinet. The power of the jet is adjustable in case of sticky salt. If you want hot water, plug it into your bathroom sink; of course if the toilet is in your bathroom.


The material is one of the criteria to consider when choosing a bidet sprayer. We always recommend choosing a hand shower that can withstand water or a constantly humid environment.

It is therefore important to ensure that the material chosen for your bidet is anti-corrosion and anti-rust as is the case with the Loschen bidet toilet sprayer. For this type of product, opt for stainless steel or good quality copper. Zamak is also a perfect material capable of resisting rust. The Hansgrohe toilet hand shower is a perfect illustration of this. You can also set your sights on firm plastic showerheads, it is an interesting and less expensive solution.


To choose the right toilet shower, you will also have to take an interest in its dimensions. The size and thickness of the hose are the aspects on which we focus the most. The choice of hose depends on the use to be made of it. Depending on your needs, you can therefore choose a WC hand shower with a longer or shorter size. For your washbasin, you can provide a 60 cm flexible hose. A longer length will however be of great use to you, if you need more practicality at the level of the toilet bowl. Still, you can go with a model with a retractable hose, as is the case for the favorite hand shower, which is 1.5m long once you stretch it.

Components and accessories

To know what accessories a toilet shower has, you must have an idea of ​​how it works. The principle of a bidet is quite simple. The hand shower is installed on the end of a hose, often made of stainless steel. A tap is connected to the arrival of the flush on a dedicated arrival or tapped by a self-drilling at the level of the pipe.

The toilet hand shower is hung on the wall to be accessible. However, you should also keep in mind that the toilet hand shower can also be integrated into the toilet as you have seen above. The water jet launched by a simple pressure. In addition, it is important to mention that a toilet sprayer is often equipped with a button on which one presses to spout out water which will help in the cleaning of the private parts.

As for the handle of the toilet sprayer, you should pay attention to its ergonomics, but also to the type of handle. If the frequency of use of your hand shower is important, make sure that it offers a certain level of comfort and above all that it is easy to handle. The same applies if you are going to use it with children. You must ensure that the mechanism is suitable for all force profiles. The ease of branding your toilet sprayer is also an aspect that should not be overlooked. If you live with an elderly person or someone with a disability, also be sure to install your bidet so that it is easily accessible.

Why buy a toilet hand shower?

The 5 Best Toilet Sprayers: Most Convenient Bidet Sprayers (Fall 2022)

There is all the interest in denigrating toilet paper in favor of the toilet shower. This toilet accessory limits all the inconvenience that toilet paper can cause. Hygienic, the hand shower helps you to shower your private parts, without having to get up from your toilet. We notice the three uncomfortable things about toilet paper:

  • It doesn’t make you clean;
  • It can damage your skin;
  • You are exposing your hands to unnecessary bacteria and germs.

Improve your standard of living, with the best personal hygiene!

The WC hand shower provides impeccable hygienic comfort. The kit helps to keep the private parts all clean without the inconvenience of displacement. Everything is done on the potty of the toilet and we get up once we are clean. There you go, we flush the toilet, then everything is clean. The bidet sprayer is a very practical object.

In addition, it is important to note that the shower head is suitable for achieving incomparable water savings. As you no longer use PQ, evacuation when you flush the toilet is easier. So don’t forget to press the flush button for urine and not the one reserved for poo. In this case, your consumption will be divided into two. At the same time, you save PQ, or 90 euros each year, since consumption per person is around 103 rolls per year. Let’s not forget the elderly and people with reduced mobility, for whom the WC hand shower will be extremely practical. It also offers additional comfort to ladies whose need to rinse the vulva is permanent.

Design and jets

In terms of design, manufacturers do not hesitate to offer models of all kinds. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, there is something for everyone. At this level, the choice is subjective. But, you need to make sure you choose a product that blends very well with your bathroom setup.

If there are round head bidet sprayers on the market, you will find square head ones. But whatever it is, know that it plays the same role. Regarding the number of jets, there are models with single jet and others with several jets. If the single jet is more precise in terms of cleaning your private parts, the models with several jets allow you to clean a wider area.

Frequently asked Questions

How to install a toilet shower?

Assembling a toilet spray kit is not difficult. Normally, each product is offered with an installation guide to make this operation as simple as possible. Either way, you can proceed first by unscrewing the shut-off valve of the toilet. Do not hesitate to dismantle it completely as well as the seals in the track 3 valve. Then, link the bypass to the toilet, making sure not to forget the inlet seals. Next, you must link the port 3 tap to the hose; and now the operation is complete. You just have to make sure that the function seals are perfectly tightened to limit the risk of leakage.

Toilet paper or a toilet shower?

It is better to choose the toilet shower rather than toilet paper. PQ is known to irritate the buttocks, which is not the case with a bidet sprayer, which effectively washes the buttocks and vagina. Unlike toilet paper, the toilet shower lets you come out clean without irritating your buttocks. So many reasons why toilet paper is starting to lose credibility. For years, manufacturers have made us believe that dry cleaning was synonymous with flawless hygiene, yet this is false. Buying a toilet shower is the guarantee of always having clean buttocks after your needs. Just use it well.

How to choose the most efficient toilet hand shower?

To choose the most efficient hand shower, you must take several parameters into account. The performance is expressed, among other things, by the durability, the ability of the device to resist corrosion or even the type of spraying it offers. It is according to these key elements that you must choose your toilet hand shower. Specialists advise stainless steel products that are not only affordable in price, but also very effective. Their performance will be more complete, if you choose a product with a strong enough jet. This precaution will allow you to clean all the residue from your buttocks, including those that stick so much.


We have come to the end of this article where we have tried to help you choose the best toilet shower. We hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you have been able to find the ideal product, a bidet model adapted to your real needs. As a reminder, we started by producing the 5 best bidet sprayers on the market. Before offering it to you, we have taken the time to analyze the characteristics such as the design, the material, the type of jets, etc.

It was also a question of offering you a guide to help you choose the best toilet shower according to your tastes and preferences. Except that it can take quite a long time. If you do not have one, we invite you to trust us by opting for one of the products in our comparison. Opt, for example, for the WC Worsy hand shower which is our favorite choice, its value for money is excellent. If you prefer environmentally friendly products, the Loschen bidet is the ideal choice. The Ciencia WC hand shower , on the other hand, brings more modernity to your bathroom.

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