Best Chemical Toilets For Camping-Compact and ergonomic, the chemical toilet is a device that you can take with you everywhere, whether on vacation or camping. It is a good alternative when it is impossible to install a traditional toilet. However, due to the diversity available, choosing the best chemical toilet is not at all easy. We offer a comparison in which you will find quality products whose selection is based on criteria such as size, quality, efficiency, etc. If you have a home that does not have drainage networks, you can make use of a chemical toilet for all your pressing needs. By reading this article to the end, you can also benefit from simple and practical advice on choosing the ideal product.


The 5 Best Chemical Toilets For Camping: Comparison and Reviews 2022

TRIPTIPS Portable Toilet Foldable Toilet for Car Camping Toilet Travel Toilet Portable Toilet for Camping

Giganplast 3573900 is a practical chemical toilet for motorhome adventures or any other outdoor activity. Its practicality lies in its simplicity of use. It has a paper holder on the back. Autonomy is also there with the presence of two tanks available.

Giganplast is a known leader in the manufacture of high quality plastic materials. The Giganplast 3573900 is an example of this. It is not the same as other chemical toilets as we are used to seeing. The product is distinguished by its chamber pot appearance, which makes it an ideal product for camping.

What we liked:

One of the advantages of this product is that it is made of high quality plastic. It is therefore a product capable of accommodating a load of 100 kg, which justifies its perfect resistance and solidity. This device integrates two very distinct reservoirs, thus ensuring a certain autonomy during use. We also note its ease of use, but also you will not run any risk of leaks, regardless of the quantity of waste dumped into the tank. The quality to price ratio is excellent.

What could be better:

On the other hand, we note that this equipment does not have a filling indicator. Because of this, you’ll never know when the tank is full unless you open it and in that case, hello smells. Also, there is no flush, which is like a bedroom toilet bucket. Everything is done by hand. You may need to wear gloves when handling. However, you can purchase chemicals separately to reduce the spread of odors. In addition, we regret the height of the seat which does not allow children to use it independently.

Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode w/Travel Bag for Camping

If you are looking for a portable and comfortable toilet, which does not require connection to a waste system, do not hesitate to opt for this Thetford chemical toilet. This is a perfect solution for those who want to go on vacation or camping. With its unique characteristics and its sober and elegant design, this device has it all.

Thetford 92820 Potti 365 has  a 15 liter clean water tank and a 21 liter waste compartment. One of its particularities lies in the fact that it has a level indicator for more independent use. A manual piston pump is available to operate the flush.

What we liked:

This chemical toilet guarantees unbeatable value for money. This is the most widespread format of chemical toilets, of which Thetford offers one of the best models. With a neat design, the product has a piston pump as well as a filling indicator for a better user experience. Cleaning is simple. It is also noted that the capacity of the tank is sufficient for a couple for a week and for a family for a whole weekend.

What could be better:

We really didn’t find any downside to this chemical toilet, except the height which may not be compatible with the size of the children.

PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet for Camping and Hiking

This portable toilet boasts a fairly simple design, which makes it easy to transport and store. The bucket underneath has a large capacity. So you won’t have to drain frequently.

The well thought-out design of this product will allow you to take it everywhere with you, whether camping, hiking, traveling or even in boats. Made of high quality HDPE, this chemical toilet does its job well.

What we liked:

Besides the price-performance ratio, one of the main advantages of this product is its ease of use. You can easily disassemble the water and waste tank for quick and easy maintenance. Also, be sure to never smell any odors after use. Easy to store, it is an equipment that will not take up too much space. In addition, we note that this chemical toilet benefits from a design in first choice materials. Its robust structure gives it a high aging capacity as well as perfect stability. The height is also comfortable for easy use by children.

What could be better:

One of the downsides we found to it is the lack of the fill indicator. Because of this, you never know if the waste container is full or not. It will therefore be necessary to open manually to check. Also, there is no water heater system to ensure autonomy of use, which will not be easy for some users.

Camco Portable Toilet with Seat and Cover, 5 Gallons, Blue (41549)

If you need a chemical toilet that guarantees you a certain comfort during use, do not hesitate to opt for this chemical toilet. Its seat is quite comfortable. A double-sealed drain valve is built into it, which will certainly protect you against odors.

The SAMGER chemical toilet is perfect for camping or any outdoor activity. With a featherweight of 6.18 kg is easy to transport and store. Its gray color gives it a modern and elegant look. In addition, it has a load capacity of 130 kg unlike our favorite choice which can only support 120 kg.

What we liked:

The positive point of this product lies in the level of comfort of use that it guarantees to users. In addition, you will find locks on the side faces, which makes it an anti-corrosion model. You can buy this portable toilet without hesitation since it is durable whether you are on vacation or camping. Its generosity translates into its 20-litre capacity to meet the needs of the whole family. We also like how easy it is to clean.

What could be better:

Some users were still disappointed with the SAMGER chemical toilet. The product unfortunately did not meet their expectations, especially in terms of the bowl diameter, which is quite small. Also, the price of this product is quite high compared to some models of the same size. In addition, you will not find a flush or fill indicator.

Drive Medical 11148-1 Steel Bedside Commode Chair, Grey

This is a portable chemical toilet that you can take anywhere with you. Its dimensions of 35 x 41 x 41 cm as well as its featherweight of around 5 kg make it quite easy to store and transport. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. It will never take up enough space due to its compact appearance.

If you are a fan of hiking, boating or traveling, this type of device is for you. It can perfectly meet your emergency needs, but also allow you to enjoy nature with complete peace of mind.

What we liked:

one of the advantages of this portable chemical toilet is its ease of maintenance. It is possible to disassemble and reposition the water tank and the waste so that cleaning is done quite easily. It is also a very hygienic product due to its detachable design. Moreover, it is important to note that this product is made of high quality PVC material, which ensures undeniable comfort to the touch. The height is also ergonomically designed to ensure better seating, even for children.

What could be better:

Even though this device performs quite well, it should be noted that it requires the use of a lot of liquids. We have not seen it, but some reviews attest to it. In addition, its price is quite high.

Purchase guide

Do you want to buy a chemical toilet for use on the boat or simply to go camping? As much to tell you right away, the choice will not be at all obvious. The chemical toilet market is like a rough sea. Finding the right tricks to find yourself at the edge of the shore is a complex operation. If you want to choose a quality product, you must consider a number of criteria.

Before we get to that, it should be noted that the chemical toilet is generally used in places where it may be quite difficult or even impossible to install a traditional toilet. It can be installed in a house, but also in a caravan. Even on camping holidays, you can use it smoothly. In general, the chemical toilet has two compartments. The compartment below accommodates materials and chemicals, while the compartment above is for seating. Chemicals help dissolve urine and materials to limit odors.


It is not at all easy to choose a chemical toilet. To do this, a number of parameters must be taken into account. These include dimensions, capacity, components as well as the design material.

Types of chemical toilets

The 5 Best Chemical Toilets: Portable Toilets for Camping (Fall 2022)

To know which chemical toilet to choose, it is important to have knowledge about chemical toilets. There are two main categories of chemical toilets on the market. These are built-in chemical toilets and portable chemical toilets.

Built-in chemical toilets are also known as cassette toilets or caravan toilets. They benefit from a fixed or vehicle design. Generally, it is used in a caravan or even in a motorhome. For this type of toilet, only the material compartment will remain removable and portable, which will facilitate emptying and cleaning.

For portable chemical toilets, they are aptly named. The design guarantees perfect mobility. They are also called Porta Potti and stand out for their simplistic look. Compact and ergonomic like the Giganplast chemical toilet, you can take it everywhere with you.


A chemical toilet is also chosen according to its dimensions, whether it is the diameter of the seat and the height of the seat. These devices must be able to offer a certain comfort to the users. Very often the height of the seat is 35 cm so that children can sit automatically. Heights over 45cm are only for adults and children who have parent support during needs. Products with a diameter of 40 centimeters take up very little space and are easy to store.


The 5 Best Chemical Toilets: Portable Toilets for Camping (Fall 2022)

Depending on the material with which a chemical toilet is made, it can be said to be an entry-level model or a top-of-the-range model. It is according to your level of requirement that you will be able to choose a suitable product. Entry-level chemical toilets are made of fragile material. These are very affordable. There are also ceramic toilets, which are 5 times more expensive than the latter.

The most common chemical toilets are made of plastic, PVC or composite. These materials are quite affordable, but do not have a luxurious design. Their durability is very often put to the test. You must therefore take care to respect the loads imposed by the manufacturer. Some plastic chemical toilets are quite strong and will allow you to support loads up to 130 kg such as the Samger portable toilet. This product is quite strong due to its polypropylene and ABS design.

In addition, it is essential to note that the price of chemical toilets is between 70 and 450 euros. Ceramic chemical toilets are high-end and above all more expensive. You will very often find them in fixed toilets or for domestic use. They are offered in Turkish model or with seat. Their price varies between 400 and 800 euros.

Capacity and number of uses

The capacity of the chemical toilet is an essential criterion to take into account when choosing a chemical toilet. To set the right capacity for your needs, you need to consider the frequency of use and the number of users. This will save you from having to empty too frequently and benefit from a much more natural use of these portable toilets. It is therefore important to define the number of users in order to choose sufficient capacity. In general, chemical toilets with a capacity of up to 20 liters can be found on the market.

Necessary components, accessories

The 5 Best Chemical Toilets: Portable Toilets for Camping (Fall 2022)

Chemical toilets have two tanks. There is the organic matter tank and the water tank. Organic materials are dissolved using chemicals, which limits the spread of odors and easy emptying. The water tank is activated when the toilet is flushed. Chemical toilets can have a manual or automatic flush. Logically, these ensure a certain ease of use. This is mainly the case with the Rulyt CHEM-WC-20 chemical toilet. The automation of the flush is an essential element in the choice of a chemical toilet.

Some chemical toilets are even equipped with a level indicator. These models are relatively more practical than those without. They thus make it possible to know whether the solids tank is full or not, without having to open it at any time. The THETFORD chemical toilet is a good example of this. There are also chemical toilets that incorporate removable seals between the seat and the tank, which will considerably optimize the level of sealing.

How to properly use chemical toilets?

Do you want to have all the advice on the use of chemical toilets? Don’t panic, read on. Using chemical toilets is quite simple, no matter how sophisticated. Conventional toilets require a large quantity of water for the evacuation of materials. What about chemical toilets? In this case, you must obtain the chemicals in supermarkets. Their role is to dissolve gray matter in the tank, but also to overcome odors.

The 5 Best Chemical Toilets: Portable Toilets for Camping (Fall 2022)

Once the chemicals, you must remember to do the oil change at a certain frequency. For this, you need to take a look at the capacity of your device. When the capacity is large, you won’t have to empty your chemical toilet regularly. Capacity is given in liters or gallons. A 20 liter tank can be used for two days, by a family of 4 people.

Chemicals come in many forms. There are liquid or powder sachets. They are placed below the lower tank so that they are in contact with the gray matter which will subsequently be completely liquefied.

How to maintain chemical toilets?

Chemical toilets are known for their robustness. However, by maintaining them, you can optimize their lifespan. You can install washing liquids in the device to clean the upper part. Note that all the elements that clog, namely the valves and the zipper, can be lubricated from time to time. It is even possible to make a mixture of water and alcohol vinegar to remove limescale and odors. If you are using a plastic device, avoid using bleach or a sponge to wash it. This gesture can make the plastic porous.


How does a chemical toilet work?

The operation of a chemical toilet is based on a fairly simple mode of operation. As mentioned above, the device has two compartments: one for water and the other for feces. In the tank below, chemicals are poured to liquefy gray matter, but also neutralize odors. There are basic models designed in plastic, but also sophisticated models that are generally found in ceramic. You should also know that there are chemical toilets with manual and automatic flushing. The automation of the flush is to be preferred to benefit from a certain comfort of use.

Where can I empty the tank of a chemical toilet?

Dumping of chemicals does not occur in the environment. It is important to remember that there are specific places provided for this purpose. If you find yourself in an air of camping, you can find out about the dumping places available. You should also know that pouring the materials from a chemical toilet into a conventional toilet connected to a septic tank is not recommended. It is better to find out before committing reprehensible acts such as emptying in the middle of nature. Know that such a gesture is prohibited by law.

Which products to use for a chemical toilet?

Many chemicals and additives are used to ensure the proper functioning of a chemical toilet. There are blue or pink products. They are quite easily found in stores. To simplify the task for consumers, manufacturers offer the products in packs sold separately. Pink products are useful for rinsing and maintaining the device. They contribute to a better elimination of materials in the bowl. They are placed in the clean water compartment taking into account the dosage indicated on the bottle. By using the pink liquid, you will be able to optimize the rinsing of the bowl once the toilet is flushed.


Ultimately, it emerges from this article that choosing the Best Chemical Toilets For Camping is not at all easy. For this, you must ask yourself about many criteria. These include, for example, dimensions, capacity, product type and components. It is on these different elements that we have based ourselves in order to offer the products in this comparison. You can also refer to it if you wish to choose on your own, a device adapted to your needs.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always opt for one of the products from our selection. If you need a toilet pot more than a chemical toilet, do not hesitate to choose our favorite product which is the Giganplast 3573900 chemical toilet. You can also bet on the Thetford Qube PP 165 chemical toilet if you prefer elegance and sobriety. For a product that benefits from the best price-performance ratio, do not hesitate to choose the Costway chemical toilet.

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