The 6 Best Toilet Flush valves: Toilets in Order (Fall 2022)

The flush is a water management device in the toilet. It is a mechanism that opens and closes automatically depending on the level of water available in the tank. The efficiency of the mechanism is ensured by a dispatching device regulated by a float, which acts according to the water level.

With the affluence of models on the market, getting the best flush repair kit becomes difficult. Selection criteria such as: design materials, dimensions, compatibility, package, method of fixing, quality of seals and types of mechanisms are necessary in this case. In addition, user reviews and comments can also help you in your purchasing decision.

Best toilet flush System Replacement/ Repair Kit

Danco HYR460 HyrdroRight Flush Valve – Best Overall

This product has a superior mechanism, with twice the tank filling speed. It is complete and has an assembly guide for a quick and easy installation. The included filter makes the device more hygienic and easy to clean. After 30 days, if you are not satisfied, you can return it. Its design is intuitive and the material of construction is of better quality, which makes it resistant and usable over time.

This WC float has an anti-siphon and anti-water hammer system which makes it faster. The impurities are filtered at the entrance in order to avoid certain inconveniences during use. You can disassemble the filter during cleaning and reassemble it afterward on the Olive connection.

What we liked:

the mechanism is super fast and of good quality. It is appreciated by both individuals and professionals. The anti-water hammer system is very interesting and its fixing is simple to achieve. The filter plays its role perfectly and cleaning is easier. The quality of the float is exceptional and the compatibility of the float with most flushes is pleasing.

What could be better:

this flushing mechanism is very noisy and does not allow comfortable use. It has some small malfunctions that sometimes do not delight users.

Fluidmaster 507AKP7 2-Inch Toilet Flush Valve – Best Value

This product is a dual activation toilet flush mechanism with infrared detection. It has a button suitable for holes in tank lids with a diameter of 38 or 45 mm. It works with 4 lr6 batteries and guarantees optimal hygiene of your toilets. This model has a flush that activates when you bring your hand closer to the button and it stops when you remove it. Its assembly and installation are easy.

This model is distinguished by its ecostop function. It allows you to save money by limiting the volume of water used according to your needs.

What we liked:

the infrared system is innovative and saves water. It is convenient and simple to install. The device is silent, hygienic and suitable for all models of WC tanks with openings greater than 38 mm in diameter. The quality/price ratio is appreciated by most users. It also has NF certification.

What could be better:

changing the batteries is not very easy and some malfunctions are often detected in the device. The product does not have a float valve and the electronic dual flush system is exclusively in 60 mm fitting.

American Standard Urinal Flush Valve – Premium Choice

This product is an ultra-complete, efficient and silent toilet float valve. It is a universal flush mechanism, easy to install even for non-professionals. Designed to NF standards (French Standards), the toilet flushing device is durable with a 10-year warranty. It is compatible with standard or wall-hung toilet bowls. It comes with a stopcock and two 3/8 diameter fiber seals.

Assembly instructions are offered to you upon purchase to allow you to install it yourself without too much difficulty. With this French-made mechanism, your comfort is ensured during its use by its silence.

What we liked:

NF authentication greatly reassures users and further comforts them in their choice. It is easy to install, very practical and quite complete. The fact that it is silent makes it more comfortable. Its universality is also interesting and the quality of the material is excellent.

What could be better:

some users complain that the user guide is not explicit enough. The plastic material does not make it sturdy and durable enough. In addition, it does not allow secure tightening of the nut.

Sloan Regal Urinal Flush Valve

This flushing mechanism, fitted with a cable, is compatible with all toilet bowls with a diameter of 16 mm to 38 mm. It comes with a bowl gasket and a tank fixing screw. It operates automatically in two ways depending on the desired volume of water (3 L or 6 L). This reversible toilet float valve is designed for side or bottom supply. It is a 2 in 1 product suitable for all WC tank supply systems. Its installation is quick and easy thanks to its 20/27 (3/8) male brass joint, which guarantees its durability.

It is ecological, but also economical, because the filling delay reduces water consumption by preventing the float valve from opening when emptying. The anti-siphoning function prevents the water in the tank (if it is a low supply) from returning to the main supply of the house.

What we liked:

the versatility of this device is great in addition to its practicality. It is durable and easy to install. The anti-siphoning function plays an important role in domestic water management. It is environmentally friendly and economical. It is effective and its quality/price ratio is excellent. It is comfortable and very quiet in use.

What could be better:

some customers find the push button is not suitable. The fixing of the mechanism is not firm enough and does not last long. It comes without instructions and the material of construction has not been indicated.

Korky 5030BP Universal Toilet Flush Valve

This flushing mechanism is very economical and compact. It also has a remote cable control. Its assembly is quick and its installation easy. Its button and cup are chrome. It can be adapted to a flexible height that varies between 272 and 480 mm. It is delivered complete with the seals of the tank and the fixing screw of the tank. This product is compatible with ceramic or plastic tanks.

The push button has a dual function (small flush and large flush) that can be used according to your needs. The NR/EPDM valve guarantees optimal sealing. The foam tank seal improves the flaws of the toilet bowl. While the molded SBS elastomer drain seal strengthens the seal at the bottom of the bowl.

What we liked:

Its economical nature is flattering and its waterproofness is highly appreciated by most users who have had to test it. It is obviously easy and quick to install. Its package is complete on delivery. Its design is successful with its chrome button and cup. Its noise level is very low and offers comfort in use.

What could be better:

We regret the fact that the assembly instructions are not explicit enough. Also, the cable is not long enough. Some products on delivery have imperfections.

Zurn Z6000-YB-YC Aquaflush Flush Valve

This flushing mechanism is universal and suitable for ceramic or concealed cisterns. It also has a side-feed float valve. The tank fixing screw is provided and the adjustment of the small flush is automatic. The universal double button is compatible with lids from 6 to 50 mm. Take advantage of a resistant and easy-to-install device during your renovations. Whether you are a professional or an individual, you will get there in minutes.

This device reassures by its quality since it is manufactured according to the NF standard. It therefore presents itself as a superior product.

What we liked:

the NF certification from which the product benefits is an assurance that attests to the quality of the product. Its assembly and installation are quick and easy. It is versatile and suitable for all models of toilet flushes. The price/performance ratio is suitable for most users. Also, this device is resistant and compact.

What could be better:

the majority of users complain about the tightness of this device. It is not efficient and also, the mechanism is quite noisy. Some products are defective on delivery.

Purchase guide

Now on the market, flushing valves system are more accessible in several models. In order to make a successful choice, it is essential to master the specific criteria that attest to the quality of a product adapted to your needs. In this comparative guide, we show you the products that are ranked among the best on the market. To be reassured of the quality and effectiveness of a product, here are the distinctive signs on which you must rely.


A toilet flush is a device that sends water pressure to the bidet of the toilet for the evacuation of waste. To activate the system, simply flush the toilet to release the water from the tank. Depending on the toilet models, the device can have a push button or a double push button that saves water. A running toilet is very often unpleasant and in the long run can have an impact on your monthly water bills. Sometimes, the origin of the problem is at the level of the seal. In some cases, it is either the inlet or shut-off valve, or the float valve or the toilet float itself which is faulty. If your plumber is not immediately available, you have the option of solving the problem yourself. However, it is important to know exactly the origin of the breakdown and the quality of the spare parts to avoid this type of inconvenience. To do this, you must refer to certain details such as: design materials, dimensions, compatibility, package, fixing method, quality of joints and types of mechanisms. In the rest of this guide, you will have all the details on these selection criteria for a good flush mechanism.

The materials

Since your flushing system will be in daily use and continually soaked in water, you should choose a model that is made with quality, durable materials. ABS material such as that of the Siamp 32500007 Optima 50 Flush Mechanism and good quality rubbers are ideal, as they resist corrosion. Also, avoid metal, especially one that is sensitive to liquid.

Adaptability and dimensions

Absolute compatibility of a flush mechanism is not possible. Indeed, the majority of models do not fit with old toilets. So, make sure that the dimensions of the product in relation to your tank are identical.

Tank refill speed

A quick refill of your toilet tank saves time in use, like the MAISONSAB Float WC Flush kit. However, do not neglect the additional water saving functions to limit monthly consumption.

The quality of the seals

When the seals of a mechanism are perfectly sealed, they prevent your tank from sinking regardless of the pressure of gravity. A tight and thick seal is ideal for a perfect tightening of the valves.

The entire

When your device is delivered complete, that is to say with seals, a ball valve, a filter and a filling valve, it is easier to assemble and install.

The noise level

This detail is important for the comfort of use of your device as you can see on the BYMEO. For information on this, you can rely on online customer reviews and reviews. However, the majority of recent models are silent.

Tips for using flush mechanisms

When you activate the flush, the device releases the valve located at the bottom of the toilet tank, in order to send water into the bidet. Following this action, the float valve thus notes the drop in the water level and opens the water supply for filling the tank.


How to install or replace a flush mechanism?

To begin, you must undo the cistern and the flushing device. Then proceed to clean the inner part of the toilet tank with a sponge and white vinegar, to remove the traces of limestone that have deposited there.

Now mount the mechanism you want to replace by following the instructions in the assembly guide provided. Fix the tank and connect the float valve to the water inlet as well as the seals. Make sure they are tight to avoid water leaks. Finally, adjust the level of the faucet and attach the push button above the tank lid.

What is the best limescale-resistant flush mechanism?

You should regularly clean your toilet mechanism to avoid the accumulation of limescale layers. Very often, it accumulates on the seals and weakens the watertightness of your toilet. Yet a well-functioning toilet is economical and long-lasting. To make your mechanism better and resistant to limescale, it is important to maintain it well over time. Although the material of construction of your device is of good quality, its maintenance is essential for long-lasting performance. In our selection of this comparative guide, the Wirquin 10719338 TRONIC 2 is the best. It is very hygienic, efficient and comfortable.

What are the different flush mechanisms?

The simple push-button mechanism: this is one of the most economical, but the most expensive to use. Adjustment of the desired amount of water is not possible.

The double pusher mechanism : it is the most used and has two sections 3 and 6 liters according to your needs.

The mechanism with pull tab : it is one of the old models less in demand today.

The pneumatic mechanism: it releases the water with additional pressure for better cleaning of the bowl. On the other hand, it is relatively very noisy.

The silent mechanism : it has a system that drastically reduces the noise of the flush. It is practical and comfortable to use.


Competition in the plumbing market is even more increasing. Manufacturers are multiplying the offers and this makes it difficult to access the right equipment. To choose the best flush mechanism, we have presented the selection criteria that can help you make a good investment such as design materials, dimensions, compatibility, package, fixing method, quality joints and types of mechanisms.

To better understand these details, we have highlighted some products from our guide such as the MAISONSAB Float WC Flush to illustrate the speed of filling the tank, the Wirquin 10719338 TRONIC 2 for advanced technology, and the BYMEO, for comfort and low noise level.

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