Also called toilet paper or PQ, toilet paper is in fact only an assembly of natural or recycled vegetable fibers. It is a mixture of water and chemicals that will be transformed through a process that will aim to limit the amount of water and eliminate bacteria. This product is essential for cleaning the private parts after urination or defecation.

To choose the Best Toilet Papers For Septic Tanks, you must follow significant selection criteria such as types of toilet paper, packaging, material and quality, thickness, practicality, biodegradability, aesthetics and size. Besides, online customer reviews will also help you make a proper investment.


The 8 Best Toilet Papers For Septic Tanks Comparison and Reviews 2022

Georgia-Pacific Angel Soft ps 16880 White 2-Ply Premium

Scottex brand toilet paper is a luxury product made from natural plant fibers and governed by the FSC label. It disintegrates perfectly in water, which will not allow the obstruction of your toilets, even less of the pipes. It offers silky smoothness, reliable strength for greater hygiene safety and is chemical-free. Scottex toilet paper is recognizable thanks to its format of 42 rolls of white paper, ideal for long-term family use. It has 135 sheets per roll, so a total length of 16.86m of paper for each roll. Its 3 layers give it reliable density and a comfortable cushion effect.

The particularity of this product is that it is neither colored nor perfumed and does not fray, because its thickness is sufficiently firmed. In addition, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

What we liked:

This toilet paper is quite soft with a cushion effect allowing comfort of use. It is economical and biodegradable. Perfect for family use and safe for the skin, because it does not contain chemical substances even less dye. The amount is considerable and lasts longer.

What could be better:

Compared to other brands, this product has a limited thickness, which could impact its level of resistance and question its quality.

Pro Small-Core High-Capacity 2-Ply Bathroom Tissue

Presto toilet paper has a texture with 100% natural cellulose, without any chemical substances, which means that it does not irritate the skin. In addition, it benefits from an FSC certification which attests to the quality and reliability of the product. This product has a 4-ply design that gives it a fairly firm and resilient density, as it does not crumble with use. But its biodegradability is obvious. Its softness offers you incomparable comfort of use and its quilted effect gives it a high absorption capacity.

What sets Presto biodegradable toilet paper apart from other brands is of course its size. It comes in packs of 48 rolls of 160 sheets each, ideal for large families.

What we liked:

The product is pure and does not represent any danger for the skin. It is reliable and its impressive size can satisfy a large number of people for quite a while. Its resistance allows you to save money, because a sheet of paper is enough for perfect cleaning. In addition, it is biodegradable and relatively less expensive.

What could be better:

The disintegrable nature of this product is not clearly indicated and its high density can be the cause of blockages in the pipes. Plus, it’s not really sweet.

Cottonelle – Ultra ComfortCare-Best Toilet Papers For Septic Tanks

Cheeky Panda is an FSC-certified brand that aims to be sustainable and packaged in highly recyclable packaging. In addition, it is a biodegradable product, naturally soft and resistant. Cheeky Panda is a pack of 9 rolls of 3-ply toilet paper. Each roll has 200 sheets of toilet paper, allowing for extended use.

What makes this product different from others is first of all its 100% bamboo design. A pure, natural and skin-safe material. It does not contain bisphenol A and even less formaldehyde. Plus, it’s chlorine-free, hypoallergenic, and unscented.

What we liked:

This product is completely natural and safe for the skin. It has a texture that is quite resistant to use, but biodegradable. Its comfort lies in the feeling of softness it provides. The rollers are relatively bulkier and allow for extended use.

What could be better:

Compared to some competitive products, the Cheeky Panda pack is relatively limited, so is its thickness. Furthermore, some users report that the product is not very absorbent and it really does not fall apart.

Quilted Northern – Ultra Plush

This product is designed with the best quality vegetable fibers. It is a real toilet paper, because it perfectly ensures the health of your skin and does not contain any scent. Its double thickness balances its density in terms of resistance and softness, which makes it comfortable and pleasant. Lotus Confort is recognizable through its pack of 24 rolls, a considerable quantity to satisfy the whole family.

The major advantage of the Lotus Confort brand is its true ecological character. It has an Aquatube which can be flushed down the toilet without the risk of clogging the pipes, as it is biodegradable and recyclable. On the other hand, Lotus is a fabulous brand of toilet paper that always offers high quality products.

What we liked:

Lotus Confort is a high-end, natural product. Its texture combines resistance and softness, which offers satisfactory comfort of use. It is harmless to the skin and provides adequate hygienic safety. It is completely biodegradable and recyclable thanks to its Aqua tube. The pack of 24 rolls is enough for large families.

What could be better:

Most users consider the price of the product to be relatively high. The actual size, let alone the number of sheets per roll are not shown.

Most eco-friendly: Silk’n Soft Bathroom Toilet Papers

Colhogar is a pure toilet paper based on Aloe Vera. It is dye-free and contains no chemicals. It is a product suitable for sensitive skin that does not cause any irritation. It comes in a pack of 42 rolls of Just 1 paper, durable and economical. A single sheet of Colhogar paper is more than enough for perfect cleaning. In addition, the quantity is consistent enough to satisfy the greatest number over time.

Colhogar toilet paper Just 1 is a unique and innovative product with its 5 thicknesses. However, the center of the sheets is ultra-soft and their core is super absorbent.

What we liked:

This product does not irritate the skin. It is both soft and firm, but also very absorbent. It is economical and the number of rolls offered per package is sufficient for collective use in large numbers.

What could be better:

Some characteristics of this product are not clearly indicated such as the number of sheets per roll, biodegradability or even the material of manufacture. This lack of information can cause doubts about the brand. Also, some users describe the limited amount of sheets on the rolls.

Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper – 24 Rolls of Toilet Paper 

Kleenex toilet paper is perfect for keeping you clean after your needs. It is two-ply and comes in a pack of 12, each with 42 units. Explicitly, it comes in a box of 504 wipes at a really reasonable price. Its feeling of softness is revealed thanks to its slight humidity.

The Kleenex Fresh brand began its career in 1920 with the development of a crepe paper used in masks as a gas filter. Since then, hygiene has been at the center of his concerns. To do this, it develops new products every day to reduce the development of germs.

What we liked:

Kleenex toilet paper is made without plastic and with 100% natural fibres. After use, it can be flushed down the toilet without worry, especially since it degrades quickly. To testify to its sustainable and responsible nature in the forests, it has FSC certification. This is a pack of 504 wipes for extended and extensive use. Lightly moistened with micellar water, it gives you a feeling of freshness and a unique fragrance. It contains neither alcohol nor coloring; that is why it is safe for your skin.

What could be better:

However, the material used is paper. The leaves are fragile and sometimes tend to tear off easily when used.

Scott Professional Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue (04460), 2-Ply, White, 80 Rolls 

Renova toilet paper is made from selected plant fibers to provide better health guarantees for your skin. It is a pack of 12 paper rolls of 140 sheets each. The thickness is 4 per service for more resistance and hygienic safety.

What sets Renova toilet paper apart from other products is its light fragrance and the cream color of its texture. It is super soft and also offers a magnificent comfort of use.

What we liked:

This product is comfortable, soft and harmless to health. It is natural and of good quality. The number of rolls per bundle and the quantity of sheets per roll are quite considerable and allow wide use. Its thickness guarantees resistance and hygienic safety. Its fragrance and cream color make it more attractive.

What could be better:

The biodegradability and the disintegrable character of this product are not really obvious, even less, its absorbent potential. This could explain an absence of these qualities in its design.

Tork Toilet Paper Roll White T24, Universal, 2-Ply, 96 x 500 sheets, TM1616S

Midland is a biodegradable toilet paper that comes in a pack of 12 rolls, perfect for the average family. It is soft and offers satisfactory comfort of use. Its texture is not colored, it is pure, fragrance-free and does not contain chemical substances. Moreover, it does not present any danger to the skin.

This brand is a particular style, specially designed to disintegrate faster than ordinary toilet paper and at the same time, avoid the risk of clogging the pipes.

What we liked:

This product is biodegradable and perfectly disintegrable. It is safe for sensitive skin. Its texture is soft and provides satisfactory comfort of use. It is a pack of 12 rolls of toilet paper for considerable and prolonged use.

What could be better:

The presentation of this product by the manufacturer is not explicit, as it lacks significant details such as the material of manufacture, the thickness and the size. Some users, too, are not satisfied with the quality as well as the price of this product.

Purchase guide

Nowadays, biodegradable toilet paper is a basic and indispensable product in households. In general, its major asset is its ability to offer great comfort of use thanks to the increasingly improved quality of the materials required for its manufacture. In addition, additives are less and less toxic for the hygiene and health of the skin. According to the newspaper Ouest France, the sales rate of toilet paper increased by 22% during the confinement period due to the health crisis. Indeed, statistics show that each French person buys 70 rolls of toilet paper on average per year and the most popular color is pink.

So, whether white, pink or creamy, triple or quadruple thickness, moist or ultra soft, the main thing is to ensure the hygiene and health (anal and intimate) of users. For this to be done in the best conditions, you need to have good quality toilet paper that is suitable for your skin. Very often they are sold in rolls so you can easily carry them on the go. A risky choice can be unpleasant and scandalous to use. This is why it is important to find out about the different selection criteria before making a purchase decision. It is with this in mind that we offer you this comparative guide of the 7 best toilet papers currently available on the market. It will allow you to obtain a quality product adapted to your needs.


The 8 Best Toilet Papers: Ultra-Soft, Hypoallergenic, Super Absorbent (Fall 2022)

Toilet paper is originally designed for cleaning the anal and genital areas after urination or defecation. It is used daily and its usefulness is essential for the hygiene and health of the skin. It is useful in more ways than one, as it is also used for other household tasks such as cleaning up spilled food or absorbing liquids. With the presence of children at home, the use of biodegradable toilet paper is very common. In addition to being a better ally for body health and hygiene, toilet paper is very practical and can be taken anywhere.

Manufacturers are offering more and more varieties of toilet paper, each as unique as the next. Some are scented and some are not, the sweetness and thickness varies depending on the brand. Some brands are more eco-friendly, as they offer products that break down quickly and are also biodegradable. Overall, toilet papers are products accessible to all, given their daily necessity.

In the rest of our guide, we will take care to provide you with more details on these different characteristics so that you can easily distinguish the best toilet paper.

Types of toilet paper

Conventional toilet paper

It is the one we use every day at home or in the office. You can also take it with you when you travel or go for a walk. It is accessible in any shop, food or supermarket. There is a wide range of conventional toilet paper that you can get depending on the budget or how many thicknesses you have. For this purpose, you can try Midland 500511 Toilet Paper.

industrial toilet paper

The 8 Best Toilet Papers: Ultra-Soft, Hypoallergenic, Super Absorbent (Fall 2022)

As its name suggests, it is made to be used in business. It is used to dry the hands or the skin of the employees of a company, a shopping center, an industry, a restaurant or a hotel. These spaces should first have roll holders to be able to hold the toilet paper roll and allow it to be easily unrolled. This roll holder has a safety bolt to prevent waste or extraction of the roll once attached.


The classic roll

Traditional roll toilet paper is the most common and widely used format, such as Renova Toilet Paper Rolls. This is the one found in most households. Classic rolls offer a wide range of choices in terms of quality, absorbency, strength or thickness. They can also be aesthetic, scented or lotioned.

They are suitable and very practical, as they can be used on their own or with a dispenser. Similarly, the fixing methods are diverse: free-standing, wall-mounted or mixed with the ability to support both the roll and the package at the same time. However, the capacities are relatively limited. Their capacities vary between 150 and 200 sheets per roll. This may prove to be insufficient for toilets with a high frequency of use.

This format is perfect for small structures with a limited number of employees or which have less used sanitary facilities. For example small businesses such as bookstores, hair salons, bakeries, small commercial premises, etc. But also, private firms of lawyers, notaries, medical specialists, etc. Hotels that offer private bathrooms for each room are also concerned.

The roller with high autonomy

They are intended for washrooms with medium traffic. They have rolls made up of 300 to 600 sheets of toilet paper. This type of roller is distinguished by the specific character of its distributor. Indeed, on the one hand, there are toilet papers intended for double-roll dispensers and on the other hand for sheet-by-sheet roll paper dispensers. In the first case, paper breakages in the rolls are avoided.

Once one roll ends, another automatically installs. Its design is moderate and allows it to adapt to any decor. For the second, the sheet-to-sheet roll dispenser has an economic advantage (about 40% savings on the number of sheets used) and in addition, it is more hygienic, since the roll is completely protected inside the dispenser . The user touches only the sheet he needs. This prevents any risk of contamination. These dispensers are recommended for medical examination offices (radiology, laboratories, etc.), sanitary facilities in structures with medium traffic.

Paper folded into a bundle

It is quite practical, economical and hygienic. It is used with a packet or mixed dispenser. The distribution system here is sheet-fed with all the trappings they may have. But, just like conventional rolls, folded biodegradable toilet paper is reduced in capacity. Thus, it is recommended for structures with low and medium traffic.

roll paper

Traditional roll toilet paper is an economical format for businesses with high traffic. It comes in Mini or Maxi coil, with a single or double thickness. These spools are for use with spool dispensers only. We recommend these reels for high traffic washrooms, such as schools, large businesses, motorway service areas or gyms.

The 8 Best Toilet Papers: Ultra-Soft, Hypoallergenic, Super Absorbent (Fall 2022)
The 8 Best Toilet Papers: Ultra-Soft, Hypoallergenic, Super Absorbent (Fall 2022)

For companies with high traffic and very attached to the influence of their image, we offer innovative models with a very practical sheet-by-sheet distribution. For example, you have the automatic cutting dispenser model. It cuts the toilet paper automatically according to the desired length. It is ideal for sanitary facilities in hospitals, large restaurants or hotels.

Material and quality

The material from which biodegradable toilet paper is made is the first and even the most important criterion to observe before purchasing your product. The usual high-end varieties of toilet paper are produced with pure paper pulp or cellulose wadding. This component makes the paper even softer and thinner. In addition to being thick, it is also resistant. In addition, this paper paste keeps the toilet paper naturally white. Avoid using recycled toilet paper, the lowest prices on the market will certainly not be for reliable and hygienic items.

Opt for disaggregated, double or triple-ply toilet paper. However, two-ply toilet paper is not comfortable. In addition, triple or quadruple-ply toilet paper has a high liquid absorption capacity. It is also tough and firm.


The strength, absorbency and softness of toilet paper all depend on its thickness, i.e. the number of layers that make up the density of a single sheet. The more layers, the stronger and softer the toilet paper, but not easily unpleasant.


By educating yourself on the practicality of a brand of toilet paper, you will have a good chance of coming across a superior product. All the models offered on the market do not always include all the necessary characteristics. In order not to limit the use of this product to the simple cleaning of your faecal organ or your genital area without taking comfort into account, it is important to observe it well before buying.

A practical toilet paper has a maximum absorption capacity. Beyond the resistance, it must also have a considerable thickness to allow a perfect and hygienic cleaning. Scottex 3-ply toilet paper is a perfect illustration of this case. Some users also attach this practicality to the humidity of the product, its coloring, its aesthetics, its lotion or even its fragrance.

Biodegradable toilet paper

It’s a new style that now wants to be universal. It was set up to promote the preservation of the environment. In addition to contributing to the cause by buying it, you also protect yourself from many problems related to blocked drains. This often leads to a very strong rise in odors that infect the house.

Some brands stand out perfectly from this model. It is therefore recommended to choose models that disintegrate fairly quickly after use. There are also some that have an Aquatube like the Lotus Confort 2-Ply Pink Toilet Paper. This keeps your bathroom always pure and inviting.

toilet paper aesthetics

The 8 Best Toilet Papers: Ultra-Soft, Hypoallergenic, Super Absorbent (Fall 2022)
The 8 Best Toilet Papers: Ultra-Soft, Hypoallergenic, Super Absorbent (Fall 2022)

If you are drawn to aesthetics, biodegradable toilet paper with embossed patterns or murals is an ideal choice. Embossing is a technique for creating attractive themes on paper surfaces. Defects in the surface of the paper form a kind of cushion that makes it even softer to the touch. The more blistered the surface of the toilet paper, the stronger its water absorption capacity. The safety of toilet paper is very necessary, especially for people who have sensitive skin. Thus, any products containing moisturizing substances will be exceptionally suitable. By combining moisturizing elements such as aloe extract for example, the sensation of softness increases considerably.


In each package of biodegradable toilet paper there is a certain quantity of rolls which varies depending on the brand and the marketing objective for which it was designed. Nowadays, the most usual and opulent rolls have an average size of 30 meters of toilet paper. However, there are brands that are more stocked and have more than 30 m of toilet paper, in particular, those found in public toilets.

If you have an abundant family, buy a bag of toilet paper with enough rolls like the Colhogar Toilet paper Just 1. These types of toilet paper are economical, durable and allow wide use. They are essential especially in this period of a pandemic where travel is restricted. On the other hand, if you have a small family, opt for a reasonable and profitable quantity.

Frequently asked Questions

How to choose toilet paper?

Many brands of biodegradable toilet paper are circulating on the market. They are also specific to each other in terms of size, thickness or capacity. However, it is obvious that the ideal product sought is not necessarily the one that costs less. But, to better identify a quality product, a certain number of criteria must be observed. First of all, you have to identify the people for whom you are going to buy this product. Are they babies, children or adults? Because not all skins are the same. Some are more delicate than others. It is also necessary to evaluate the number of people likely to use it, in order to know the quantity which will be able to satisfy everyone. It is also important to define the mode of use of the product and to know if, for example, it will also be used for household chores. In addition, price, durability and softness are still essential.

Which toilet paper does not clog the drains ?

Biodegradable toilet paper is highly recommended to avoid this type of situation. It’s a new style that now wants to be universal. It was set up to promote the preservation of the environment. In addition to contributing to the cause by buying it, you also protect yourself from many problems related to blocked drains.

Some brands stand out perfectly from this model. It is therefore recommended to choose models that disintegrate fairly quickly after use. There are also some that have an Aquatube, once thrown into the water, it disintegrates quickly. This keeps your bathroom always pure and inviting.

What toilet paper causes an allergy on the intimate area?

Colored toilet paper can irritate the private part and if used regularly, it can cause infections of the genital tract. One of the most common questions that gynecologists very often ask patients who suffer from yeast infection during examinations is whether they use colored or scented toilet paper. Some experts say there is a connection between fungal infection and the constant use of colored toilet paper. Thus, it can affect the female reproductive system and increase the risk of developing cervical cancer. In addition, the use of colored or scented toilet paper can also cause irritation and itching in the anal area.

What are the pros and cons of toilet paper?

The constant use of biodegradable toilet paper has been widely criticized throughout its history. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages that this product has.

As advantages, it should be noted:

Its economic nature, because despite the fact that the competition highlights varied prices, in general, it is a product accessible to all;
It is an essential ally for health and hygiene;
It is convenient and you can take it wherever you go;
Its texture generally offers comfort of use and reliable health safety;
It is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly;
The quantities offered by the manufacturers are also interesting from each other according to the needs of the users;
Some brands offer scented or colored products for more aesthetics;
The manufacturing materials of these products are mostly natural.
Despite all these advantages, it is nonetheless true that toilet paper can also be harmful to your health. Some models are very often the cause of irritation or infections of the anal and genital parts.


Biodegradable Best Toilet Papers For Septic Tanks remains one of the most indispensable products in our daily lives. Because it guarantees the health and hygiene of the anal and vaginal areas after urination or defecation. In addition, it can be natural or recycled. And beyond its primary function, it can be used for daily domestic tasks.

However, getting the best toilet paper requires you to observe a number of very specific criteria. First, the type of toilet paper you want. The design material will tell you about the quality and virtues of the product. Then, the chosen thickness depends on your expectations in terms of softness and resistance. Some brands also offer scented or colored products. However, the biodegradable and unpleasant properties are not to be omitted. Thus, we have made it easy for you to do your research by selecting the 7 best toilet papers offering a satisfactory quality and performance ratio.

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